The SIMMAN 2020 (Simulation Workshop for Ship Maneuvering) will be held in Songdo, Incheon, Korea on 6-8 April 2020 and hosted by KRISO. The objective of the workshop is the assessment of current simulation methods for ship maneuvering to aid code development, establish best practices and guide industry and will be the latest of the series of workshops, i.e. SIMMAN 2008 and 2014 held at FORCE, Copenhagen Denmark.

The workshop organizers welcome broad participation from the ship manoeuvring simulation community. Submitters are required to attend the workshop and represent their submissions. Interested participants are encouraged to fill out the Interested Persons form accessed on the website’s Registration menu. This form needs to be filled out to get access to the captive data sets. Final registration for the workshop must be done on the website.

The venue is the Central Park Hotel Songdo (

The schedule for the workshop is provided in Table 1.

TABLE 1: Workshop schedule
Feb 2019 - 3rd Announcement
- Website released
- Data available
31.May 2020 Submission of data and questionnaire
30.Jun 2020 Submission of papers and posters
2021 Workshop. The exact dates are decided in December.

The program will cover assessment of the experimental data, assessment of the prediction capability and open discussion for captive tests, free running tests and manoeuvring in waves on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning, respectively.
The steering committee looks forward to your participation and welcoming you to SIMMAN 2020.

3rd Call SIMMAN 2020

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